Graham Allen MP publishes independent report on Early Intervention: The Next Steps


Of 33 recommendations, the following are of greatest importance to the early years workforce:

Recommendation 15. I recommend that all children should have regular assessment of their development from birth up to and including 5, focusing on social and emotional development, so that they can be put on the path to ‘school readiness' which many - not least from low-income households - would benefit from. Accountability is confused and divided, policy is incomplete and there is an unnecessary separation between the Healthy Child Programme reviews and the Early Years Foundation Stage assessments. It is timely that several external reviews are taking place. Providing they result in a regular and coherent series of assessments, the Government should act swiftly to ensure that the 0-5s are helped at the earliest and most cost-effective point in their lives to develop the social and emotional bedrock upon which they can thrive.

Recommendation 16. I recommend that we improve workforce capability of those working with the 0-5s. We should:

  • increase graduate-led, or even postgraduate, pre-school leadership
  • ensure that all early years settings employ someone with EYPS on site
  • establish a Workforce Development strategy led by the Departments for Education and Health with input from across government, to ensure that we are developing for the future enough suitably qualified candidates who wish to work with the 0-5s.


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