CWDC announce permitted tenders for next phase of EYPS

The CWDC has announced that the only organisations permitted to tender for contracts to run EYPS programmes are those who have joined the national leadership and training framework of the National College (click here for a link to the list).

This means that twenty-one current providers are apparently not eligible to tender for contracts to provide the EYP pathways over the next two years, which has come as a shock to those institutions who have successfully run the programmes for a number of years. Many of these providers were awaiting the tender process to re-open and were unaware that they were to be excluded by virtue of not being a part of the National College framework.

One current provider we have spoken to remains positive about the future however, and is examining ways to participate in future programmes. Proud of their achievements to date and of the quality of their EYPS programme, they believe there are a number of ways to ensure that they continue to provide such a service into the future.

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